Tuesday, February 22, 2011

COMMENTARY: Let's Talk Couples

New ones, old ones, potential ones... let's dish!  Up first, a new couple who can potentially end up my fave couple... Scott and Madison.  

The closer they get, the more I love them.  Having Daniel Cosgrove back as Scott has been a revelation!  He's gone from fast forward material to the one I want to watch.  I love this chemistry with, well, with everyone!   But I am truly loving the Scott/Madison dynamic.  But is it destined for failure?  It was Greenlee who pushed Scott towards Madison to keep her and the baby she is carrying away from Ryan.  Scott agreed to it and Greenlee helped him get out of prison.  Ever since, Scott's been trying to be a more stand up guy.  But what he really needs to do is come clean with Madison before it's too late.  Hell it might already be too late.  The two are falling for each other.  But when Ryan and Madison find out all the deception going on behind their backs, might it just push Ryan and Madison back together?

Which brings us to Ryan and Greenlee.  

To hear some fans talk, you'd think that everyone on planet earth hated these two as a couple.  Well that is just not true.  They aren't my favorite couple together, although I like them both apart.  And I don't hate them as a couple, but I really did like Ryan with Madison and Greenlee with David before David went from just being devious to the devil incarnate.  Greens though, she went into her latest marriage to Ryan carrying the huge secret that Madison is having his baby.  Things are eventually going to blow up.  And really, let's face it, it's pretty much a no brainer that they aren't even married.  The Rev. Ricky has proven to be anything but what he says he is.  So they won't even have to get divorced when Ryan finds out Greens knew about his latest progeny.  And really, does Ryan need another kid?   For that matter did Tad?  

As of today, Tad is engaged to Cara to throw off INS.  This opens up a whole interesting can of worms.  Clearly they are going to end up getting married.   How is Jake going to feel about that, Cara being his ex-wife and all?  I'm reserving judgment for now on Cara and Tad as a couple because I'm just thrilled Tad has a storyline.  And I kind of like Cara anyway.   So we'll see how that one plays out.

Jake and Amanda are the quintessential couple.  They've got it all and that, as you all know, is the kiss of death on soaps.  So here comes the conflict!  It was Amanda who called INS on Cara in the first place.  She didn't know it could potentially put Cara in a lot of danger, she just wanted the saucy wench away from her man.   This is going to blow up and it's not going to be good.   Amanda needs to trust their love and her husband.  Just because Cara is back doesn't mean a damn thing.  Jake is true blue and she knows it.  

JR and Marissa are done.  I can't see her ever taking him back again.... then again, he did way worse to Babe and she kept going back for more, so who knows!   But I keep hearing little rumblings about a deep friendship that Marissa and Bianca are going to form.  Bianca hired Marissa to handle her divorce from Reese, an unfortunate development IMO.  So Tamara Braun didn't want to come back as Reese, why not recast?  I really hate when TPTB undo things that broke ground on the show.   So now not only the first legal abortion on television was undone, but now the first gay marriage on soaps is being dissolved.  It's a shame.  But that frees up Bianca and Marissa already is single... might there be something developing between these two?   I'm hoping!

And the rest we shall save for another time.  Then again what is there left to say?  Colby and Asher?   Snore.  Caleb/Erica/Jack?  Meh.  Put Caleb with Opal and leave Jack and Erica alone, they can self destruct all on their own, without outside help.  As always, I adore Angie and Jesse.  I am interested in seeing something develop between David and Liza.  I might be down with Kendall and Griffin eventually.  I'm liking how it's going slow and let's face it, he is not hard to look at!  I'd definitely like to see Krystal get a story and some lovin!  And JR?  Dude needs to be single for a while.  So who did I miss?  Frankie and Randi?   Really... did I actually miss them?  Is there anything to say?


sonja said...

You know, in the scene yesterday between Bianca and Marissa, I was like, "Hmmm...." but I never believed it was possible UNTIL I READ IT HERE! I'm all for it, but we shall see. As for breaking up soap's first gay marriage, well, it's a soap. Of course they were going to get divorced. Who doesn't?

I think Tad and Cara have good chemistry, but I can't really get on board with that couple because, let's be honest, he looks like he could be her grandfather.

Jack and Erica have been together and apart so many times that I just don't care about them anymore, and I wish they'd just give up that couple. Erica with Caleb is a smidge better, but they don't really do anything for me either. However, I do like Jack and Krystal together. I hope something happens there.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

It just dawned on me that...RICKY'S not an ordained Minister, who's only in it to get close to Kendall. So that means Ryan and Greenley's marriage isn't legal. YAAAAY! because they're supercouple status ship has sailed, and Greenley's downright selfish for that Scott/Madison smash up.

At first, I liked Amanda and Jake together, but Amanda stooped by trying to get Cara in trouble. Jake already told her why Cara let him go, then Amanda does this? Rude.

Tad and Cara probably will make a nice match, but Jake's gonna be hella mad, worrying about his Brother having the same chemistry with Cara that he had with her. He really has no reason to be mad, but...he'll find a way.

Erica and Jack....*yawn*. They need to go their separate ways with Caleb and Crystal.

Nathan said...

I'm sure Ricky is an ordained minister regardless of his intentions. I mean, Tad is an ordained minister and married Jake & Amanda. It can be done on the Internet.

Plus, the storyline is that Bianca introduced him to Kendall to help her, which means he had to establish himself a little bit in town to gain trust. So I'm sure Ryan & Greenlee's marriage is legal through that means.

Of course, we've seen marriages become invalid years later for various reasons. So they can always undo things if they want, such as David screwing around with his divorce from Greenlee.

When I read the spring spoilers, I caught the one tidbit about Marissa becoming Bianca's lawyer. I thought that it made sense this was a pairing for down the road. JR & Marissa is dead. Bianca has absolutely nothing else to do. Obviously the storyline becomes another thing where Bianca helps someone fight the feelings they probably didn't realize they had.

Right now, there is no person to put JR with anyway. I can't imagine he would go after Madison even if Scott is there, because the drama there is when Madison finds out about Scott's deal with Greenlee. Granted, she could become angry and hook up with JR out of revenge, but I don't see that happening. The only other option right now is Randi, and that would have to be as a result of Frankie being Madison's baby's father.

Erica with anyone is boring. Asher & Colby is boring. They need to recast Asher so bad. The guy is trying but he can't handle the heavy drama they give him. He stumbles too much in his delivery and not like Ricky Paull Goldin who does it like it's natural. It feels like Trent Garrett is going over all the lines and thinking about the blocking as he is shooting the scenes.

Sorry for the long winded post. But I agree with pretty much everything here. Tad & Cara and Scott & Madison are carrying this show for me since they obliterated Annie.

David said...

I'm so glad Daniel Cosgrove is back as Scott. It's unfortunate that Stephanie Gatschet was cast as Madison, as opposed to a recast Laura Kirk English. There is plenty of history there to mine. She has Gillian's heart (Ryan's true love), she had a rivalry with Greenlee, and she shared a past with Scott. It would be so good to see Greenlee be jealous of Laura because Ryan feels a connection to Gillian's heart. Plus, it would open up the opportunity for Brooke to return to town, without having to explain where Adam was…but I digress.

I used to love Ryan and Greenlee. AMC in general has drastically changed, beginning in 2007, and Ryan & Greenlee are no exceptions. The cute romance they once had, has been destroyed, and they bore me now.

Tad/Cara are cute, but they need to bring back Dixie already! If Jesse can make "angelic" visits, and still be alive, so can Dixie! Maybe I could start to see the attempt to rebuild the Cortlandt family if we had some familiar Cortlandts, like Dixie, Ross, Nina, or Petey.

I think Erica/Jack is the one couple that represents any history for AMC, so LET THEM BE HAPPY ALREADY!

Give Opal a story! A triangle with her, Caleb, and Krystal could be entertaining!

David/Liza could be great together….if I could stop imagining Marcy Walker in the role. Jamie Luner isn't a bad actress, but really, she's 10-12 years younger than Liza should be!

Georgianne said...

It's only and always JERICA for me. I despise the skank KWAK and frankly, they should just get rid of her. Nobody wants to see her with anyone and I'd rather see Opal with Cooney. LEAVE MY JERICA ALONE! Let them get their family back and be the couple they were in 2005. I want them to anchor the show.

David said...

I don't want Marissa with Bianca. Marissa has been on air for 2 years, and she has never had a gay tendency. For once, can Bianca have a woman who is truly a lesbian, and not one that flip flops between men and women?

Little Libby said...

I love it when you put up a subject like "couples" because it always sparks "discussion."

So here are my thoughts:

Madison and Scott: it will take a long time for me to warm up to this pairing. I don't like "dorky" Scott. Maybe he was always written that way, but I just can't handle it. I liked Madison with Ryan. 'Nuff said.

2. Greenlee and Ryan: Not a big Ryan fan, so I don't really care who he is involved with. I don't care for Rebecca Budig, at all, so, if Greenlee were still being played by Sabine Singh, I could deal with Rylee.

3. Tad & Cara are growing on me. Think they're cute and now that I learned that Cara (Lindsay Hartley) has been a Las Vegan since she was 16, then, she's okay by me.

3. Jake & Amanda have lasted longer than I thought because we all know that "happily married" doesn't exist on soaps.

4. Caleb & Opal - never thought of it but it works for me. I also want Krystal to get a love interest. Caleb would be okay or Jack for that matter. Tired of Erica stomping on Jack all the time and puppy dog Jack allows it.

5. Could we find a "real" lesbian for Bianca? Please, Marissa hasn't been written as a possible gay character, so why re-write her? I still think it's criminal that they didn't allow Bianca and Reese to remain a devoted couple. If Tamara wasn't available, they could have recast the part.

6. There is speculation from other boards and gossip pages that Frankie is actually the father of Madison's baby. Hope they don't continue in that direction.

Thanks for opening this discussion, it's been fun, so far.

sonja said...

1. Frankie as the father of Madison's baby? That seems so hard to believe. I mean, wasn't he the doctor who did her ultrasound? He knows *exactly* how far along she is. If he'd had sex with her (that, in and of itself, is a stretch considering how they wrote the two of them at the time) and it was possible he was the baby's father, he would have picked up on that when he did the ultrasound. And it's not like people won't realize Ryan is not the father when the baby comes out if Frankie is the father, so he can't really hide the news. Might as well come clean.

I also read that rumor, but it really doesn't make sense. Then again, this is a soap, and things don't need to make sense.

2. From what I've read here and other places, I'm pretty alone in liking the Marissa/Bianca pairing. I think that relationship has a possibility of lasting more than a few months since Marissa is connected to so many major characters - David/Krystal, plus being AJ's adoptive mother. I'm tired of the revolving door of Bianca's girlfriends. In general, on soaps, if a character is going to stick around, it needs to be interlaced into the show on several layers - which I don't think any of Bianca's girlfriends have been so far. As for Marissa being boring, I couldn't have agreed with you more when she was being played by Brittany Allen, but Sarah Glendening has a lot more pop. We'll see.

I find everyone's insistence on a "real lesbian" for Bianca to be interesting. I'm gay, and I can tell you that virtually all gay people had relationships with the opposite sex for quite a while before coming to the realization that we were gay. Plus, I'd hardly consider Marissa's relationships with either JR or Scott to be over-flowing with hetero passion LOL.

Jennifer said...

love Jake and Amanda as a couple. That being said I'm glad they are getting a little drama. I know RPG and CS do drama together well. I hope Cara is nothing but a bump in the road and they are able to move on to another story.

My problem with the whole Cara part is that her backstory is a mess and a contrived one at that. The writers have put layer upon layer on this character to the point that it's a joke. They should have introduced her slowly, keeo her backstory simple, and made her a suupoorting player. None of which TPTB did.

Tad and Cara are a surprise that might just work.

Jennifer said...

love Jake and Amanda as a couple. That being said I'm glad they are getting a little drama. I know RPG and CS do drama together well. I hope Cara is nothing but a bump in the road and they are able to move on to another story.

My problem with the whole Cara part is that her backstory is a mess and a contrived one at that. The writers have put layer upon layer on this character to the point that it's a joke. They should have introduced her slowly, keeo her backstory simple, and made her a suupoorting player. None of which TPTB did.

Tad and Cara could be a nice surprise.

Cindy said...

I have never commented but this struck me to say...i have not watched AMC in a while, but i have kept up with recaps and spoilers, so this may be ignorance talking but 1- when did Marissa become a lawyer...has she alwasy been? 2-I never liked the actress who played Marissa, not sure if the recast is any better. 3- Forget about bringing Reese back (what is the reason for the divorce anyway?) Recast Maggie and bring her back, they can say she finally finished med school and residency and came back to PV...or better still have Maggie come back to help on something medical.

sonja said...

@Cindy, Marissa's storyline had her going to law school. She passed the bar exam... in the summer or fall maybe? Not too long ago. Personally, I like the new actress better. As for bringing Maggie back, that might work. I think "stand alone" characters can be hard to fit in, but you're right about the doctor angle. I suppose that could give her something to do. Maybe one of these days, they'll do that.

Gary Sartori said...

I agree with all those who don't want Marissa with Bianca. Wouldn't make any sense. Marissa is not gay, and "turning her gay", would be a colossal mistake. It would further ruin Binks' character.