Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of February 21!!

Spoilers are now posted!!  Don't you just love sweeps??  So much going on!    Tad and Cara get engaged, Kendall gets a letter from Zach, Amanda's in hot water with Jake, Ryan, JR and Greenlee head out to find Emma, and Colby learns the truth!!



Mk said...

What does it mean when you write that Ricky will be revealing his "true" feelings to Kendall? Do you know if he will be honest with her about his feelings or if he will be lying to her?

Also I had thought that these spoilers were supposed to play out last week, do you know if the show pushed them back a week for some reason. Thanks for any info.

Kathy said...

MK, I wrote it that way "true" feelings, because I don't think anything about him is true.

I'm not sure why some didn't happen this week as planned. When I get my spoilers, it's not always easy to tell which week they will air, I do my best to try and figure it out, but don't always succeed =)