Sunday, February 27, 2011

Performer of the Week - Colby

This week was Colby's week to shine!  She started out strong, standing up to big brother JR for his lack of family leadership.  She told him off but good and personally I think he needed to hear it.  Colby was kidnapped and held hostage by JR's maniacal girlfriend that he thought he could talk down from her mania.  Colby called him out on his ego, his belief that he could get Annie under control, how the family business is going down the tubes under his leadership and the how the family is falling apart.  She said it best when she said, "You are in so far over your head, it's actually pathetic, because you think that you can be Dad, but you will never ever be Dad."  Go Colby!  It's about time someone put JR in his place.

But that was just the beginning for Colby this week.  After receiving a call from Damon, Colby went to talk to her mother only to be discouraged from the possible reconciliation that Damon was proposing.   Liza brought up her own volatile relationship with her mother, Marian, saying that there are some things that can never be forgiven.  Confused, Colby wanted to know what her relationship with Marian had to do with what was going on with Colby and Damon.  Liza backpedaled but Colby kept pushing and eventually Liza mentioned Tad and their past, confusing Colby even more.  

Determined to find out what Liza was comparing her and Damon to, she went to seek out some answers and luckily she ran into loose lips Opal.  With only a few pointed questions, Opal revealed to Colby that Marian had slept with Tad while Liza was dating him.  Did history repeat itself?  It couldn't be.  Colby didn't want to believe it.  But she had to know so she went to confront her mother.

It was the confrontation that many have been waiting for, myself included.  How would Liza explain herself?  She can't, there is no justification.  There is no excuse good enough to explain how a mother slept with her daughters boyfriend.  The performances of both Natalie Hall and Jamie Lunar were stellar.   From Colby's disbelief that her own mother could hurt and betray her so completely and profoundly, to Liza's horror all over again at what she had done.  I felt for Colby, who was so hurt she wants Liza out of her life, declaring, "You're not my mom anymore."  And then I even felt for Liza who, with nowhere to turn, turned to Tad for comfort and understanding.  He tried to assure Liza that Colby would forgive her just as she had forgiven Marian, but Liza didn't think it would ever happen.  

Colby's devastation is extensive.   Will she ever be able to look at her mother as a mother again?  Will Liza be able to make this up to her daughter?  It will take a lot of work on Liza's part. With Natalie and Jamie portraying this duo, I can only imagine how great it will be to watch it unfold.


sonja said...

As I started watching my recorded AMC yesterday, I thought about this post and considered watching Colby's scenes, but in the end, I just couldn't bring myself to do it and skipped through her stuff as usual. Something about her just annoys me.

Little Libby said...

that's really sad sonja because Natalie has developed into a great little actress. I was unhappy when Amber was replaced, but Natalie has grown-up into the role of Colby and she truly can hold her on against the "big guns." If you haven't deleted the tape, you should go back and watch. Besides that, this storyline is very interesting and poignant. JMHO

Wendi said...

I think she did an excellent job. I agree that she really has done a great job in her role. I wasn't liking the idea that the role was recast but I truely like her

Aunt Peggy said...

the first photo of her looks like a turkey neck thing goin on..just say.