Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Forget Oprah Tomorrow!

Don't forget, Wednesday, February 9 is all about soaps on Oprah!  And check it out, here is Susan Lucci with all of Erica's husband's!

We have one of the actors who played Phil Brent (sorry, I can't tell which one it is!), Charles Frank (Jeff Martin), Michael Nader (Dimitri Marick - YAH!!!!!),  David Canary (Adam Chandler - double Yah!!!), Richard Shoberg (Tom Cudahy), Walt Willey (Jack), Larkin Malloy (Travis Montgomery) and Nicolas Surovy (Mike Roy - who she wasn't even technically married to!).   Can't wait!!! 

The Oprah Show is syndicated, please check local listings for time and channel.


AMCHistory said...

Kathy, this is amazing! I had do idea. I am going to send Dick an email tonight.

That is Nicholas Benedict (Phil #2). I saw that you had a question about it on Facebook.

Now... how do I play hookey from work to catch this?

Kathy said...

Really? I doesn't look like him! I compared pics of all of them to this pic and it didn't look like any of them! LOL

DVR baby! DVR ;)

AMCHistory said...

I would have DVR'd, but I am at the Westin in Pittsburgh. I travel Sunday-Thursday from DC for work now. I would have programmed my home DVR had I kept up with this.

So excited!

David said...

Look how great Michael Nader looks! If only we could have him and Julia Barr back, AMC would start to fell like its old self again. I would MUCH rather watch a Dimitri/Erica/Jackson/Brooke quadrangle, then have Krystal and Caleb interfere. Let's hope Oprah's show sets off a domino effect that will bring some of these former characters back to the canvas!

jaredwanzerphotography said...

I was thinking she had more husbands than this but I guess she was married to a few of them a few times.

kimbutgar said...

The one that disturbed me how he looked was Travis Montgomery. What happened to that guy? All the others looked great. I would have also loved to see Jeriamy Hunter. I thought him and Erica had great chemistry and I thought they had gotten married?

J said...

I saw Oprah show..What a lie ,that Susan Luci 64 and don't have plastic surgery...Teath,nose,boobs,wrinkles
Year after year her hubby say the same sentence..oh she goes home to me..Can he speak little more?

stephanie said...

J you right Susan did lie about not having Plastic surgery and most of her husband look good except Larkin he gain so much weight he seem like he have health issues Erica best husband is Tom and Dimitri to me