Thursday, September 15, 2011

Actors Have Been Approached by PP!!!

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) revealed this morning on Good Morning America that that actors have now been approached by Prospect Park and are in the process of making deals.  During the segment on AMC's end at ABC, Cameron said that there are some odd and ends to be worked out but things are looking good!   Unfortunately they haven't yet posted the video online for this segment but they did post Cameron's screen test which is pretty darn cute I have to say!  LOL

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sonja said...

Great news!

Uruvia said...

His acting here is terrible!

sonja said...

Just watched CM's screen test. I had no idea how much 2011 CM had let himself go until I saw how ripped he was in 1998 LOL!

And I didn't think his acting was any worse than it is today.

Little Libby said...

I'd really like to know the actors that have "almost" deals. Walt Wiley hasn't been contacted, (and we all know that Cameron is ABC's little "fair-haired" boy), so I don't put a lot of stock in his announcement. I think it's still a part of the ABC media machine to attempt the quell the backlash and pray that people will watch the show that will remain nameless. JMHO