Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of September 11

This weeks spoilers are now posted.  It's hard to, as Opal would say, wrap my hairdo around the fact that there are only 10 shows left.  One more week of posting spoilers, if there even are any for next week.  With everything so up in the air as far as Prospect Park's deal to put AMC on the internet, it's hard to be excited about what the future holds.  But for now, let's take it one day at a time.  This week we have the aftermath of the explosive confrontation at David's lab, Maya has a big decision to make, JR hits rock bottom, Angie gets something she was praying for, and Brooke returns!



JJ said...

Kathy, it took you longer than it took some of us, but the "you can't leave me, I've leaving you" syndrome seems to have set in. For those of us who have invested so much of our lives loving a show that will soon end (or, at least, the show we "know"), it's a kick in the gut and by pretending it's not important, its loss can't hurt us as much.
I think I'm kind of glad that the first news about the show moving to the internet the Monday after it ends was wrong; I think we all need time to regroup. The actors and writers, etc. who will stay with the show probably need to, too.
Who knows? Maybe the "new" AMC will be wonderful. Right now, I'm not excited about it. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder? If not, I won't be checking out the show, whether it be online or on cable tv.
These past 41 1/2 years have meant a lot to me. I'm not afraid to admit it.

Kathy said...

I'm really not sure what you mean by it taking me longer than some of you JJ. I have not been at all excited about this internet deal and have voiced skepticism all along but have stated many times on this blog that I hope I'm wrong (and hope it does work out) I have tried to report things from a hopeful perspective because I want to believe it will all work out, and because fans want hope. The truth of it, I made my peace with it ending long before the PP deal came up. I was ready to move on and have been looking forward to new/different opportunities for myself as well as the cast/crew of AMC.

Anyone know knows me knows AMC is important to me. I haven't invested all this time, money, energy into it because it means nothing. Nor have I ever been afraid to admit that it means a lot. This blog says that every single day.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're saying but I certainly hope no one would ever think I don't care or that AMC doesn't mean a lot to me.

JJ said...

Wow, yes, you DID misunderstand.. I was just going by what I read into your statement of "With everything so up in the air as far as Prospect Park's deal to put AMC on the internet, it's hard to be excited about what the future holds.", and you sounded as if your enthusiasm for "the next step" had waned. I was NOT saying that you hadn't voiced skepticism, just that this was the first time I had seen something different.

But, you seem to feel what I said was offensive, so please feel free to delete my comment. I really "thought" I was being supportive but apparently not.

I grew up in a military family. In family support pre-deployment talks, we are told it's normal for us to pick fights with our military member right before they leave so we can be "mad", thinking we won't miss them as much. Years later, I am remembering how that feels..

Kathy said...

No no!! Now you misunderstand! LOL I'm not offended nor did I feel you were being offensive. I was just trying to clarify that this is not a new feeling at all. And I didn't think I had ever indicated any kind of gung ho attitude towards the PP deal. Truth is, I've been very leary of it from the beginning.

Stacy said...

I'm just so incredibly sad about this show, this friend of mine, going under. It just seems so unfair to us and the actors and crew. Sorry, I just had to say something. I've looked forward to your Spoilers for years now and I'm so sad to lose you to Kathy. You've worked so hard for all of us. Thanks you for all you have done.Take Care All!

Suzanne said...

Hi, Kathy. Your spoilers page says September 5th...I think you meant to change that to September 12th :)
Just lettin' you know. I love your site as always!

Kathy said...

Thanks or letting me know Suzanne, I changed it. And thank you to JJ and Sandy. And everyone. I'll do a post about the future of the PVB soon, but I wanted to thank you for you support of me and of the PVB =)

boesveld2003 said...

Kathy, you've done an incredible job for so long, and given us so much.

For instance, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the interviews with past cast members more than I can say. No one else EVER did something like that. And the family trees, and the spoilers, and just about everything AMC related.

Thanks. And I know that I, for one, should have said that to you far more often.

Carrie L. B. said...

Dear Kathy,

If there are no new spoilers for you to post next week, then let me tell you now how much I've appreciated your blog. I remember writing to you like a total fan-geek a few times before this handy "Leave your comment" box was in the mix, and your responses were always so gracious and fun.

I will miss you, your hilarious recaps - RIP hilarious recaps - and especially your play lists.

I'm a day or two behind, right now, and possibly this has been mentioned elsewhere, but how STUPID is it to have the Chandler mansion in foreclosure? In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, "As if!"

Like JR still owes a mortgage. Right. I know Adam, and I know he paid cash for that house 25 years ago. And I further know he'd never allow JR to take out a loan against the Chandler mansion.

I get that it's a trope to get Brooke and Adam back in PV, and I know it's supposed to be "timely" but come ON writers. Stupid.

Anyhoodle, had to say my peace to the only other folks on the planet who might give a rat's patootey.

Love you mean it,


TINA said...

Didnt Adam buy back the house from Palmer all those years ago? I have a hard time believing this story. I know its TV but come one.. the viewers are not dumb. Well at least some of us arent lol

Kathy said...

Thank you all so much! I appreciate your comments more than I can say.

Love and kisses!

Little Libby said...

Wow! What a show today. Great writing and acting. Makes the end so much sadder. :(

kimbutgar said...

I've been watching AMC since 1973 and I can't believe it is ending.

Kathy, thank you for your wonderful blog it was my weekly go to to catch up on AMC news.

It just hasn't really hit me yet that AMC will no longer be on TV. I am so used to watching all my DVR recordings on the weekends and looking forward to the next week. I got my first VCR to tape AMC while I was at work. I changed my college schedule so that I was home to watch AMC. It was so much of a part of my life. When I was dating my husband he used to watch AMC with me and when we got married used to do a dance to the AMC theme song. That's how much AMC has been part of my life. It's as if there is a death in the family. I am not not looking forward to next Friday.

liveforlove said...

I'm sad too. And mad that my show is ending. Soooo I think I'll take out my frustrations on.....Maya. Am I horrible to hope she gets hit by a bus so Angie and Jesse can get Lucy back?
Lol..... In all seriousness, Mayas character is boring and lame(but the actress has beautiful hair) and she looks so unnatural with Lucy (who is the cutest baby EVER on AMC). Can we please get our happy ending here?