Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's A Pine Valley High Reunion!!

Next week Carol Burnett returns as Verla Grubbs!  And she's in town for the Pine Valley High School Reunion.   According to TV Guide, Verla comes to town to snag her old flame, Sam Brady (Jason Kincaid will be reprising his former roll!) does her best to keep him away from Opal!  Sounds like fun!  Interesting side note, AMC's Casting Director Judy Blye Wilson put out an urgent request to locate Jason Kincaid for this storyline.  It was Bill Timoney (ex-Alfred) who was able to track him down and get him touch with AMC.


judyjj said...

Jason Kincaid!!! I love him!!! Saw him on stage in a musical in Seattle years ago!!! Sam Brady was an underused character.

duncan826 said...

I cannot remember how Opal met Sam Brady.CRS! Did Erica introduce them? I do know I thought Opal and Sam Brady were "The Cat's Meow"!!