Thursday, September 1, 2011

All My Life Being Released on Paperback

Susan Lucci's best selling auto-biography, All My Life, is being released on paperback on September 13.  And there's an added bonus to the book, a new chapter that emotionally talks about AMC's cancellation, how she found out, and Prospect Park's purchase of both AMC and OLTL.  She reflects on Brian Frons intentions about the move to LA and lets loose on Charles Pratt, probably the most hated writer in daytime history.  One key line, "If Chuck Pratt’s intention was to come on board and mess with the history and integrity of our show, I believe he was successful in his efforts.”  That's my girl Susan!   I have absolutely loved how vocal she's been, it only makes me respect her even more.  


Cheyenne said...

I already have a SIGNED copy of the hardback but I am going to get the paperback version just to read the last chapter. Meeting Susan at the AZ Women's Expo right before the announcement was made was very bittersweet and I would imagine hard for her stand up there and have to put up a brave front. Susan is a class act in my book and will miss her should she not continue on to the PP version...(AMC would not be the same without her)

Uruvia said...

I am now reading "All My Life" at the moment. What a pleasure to read! I live in Russia and I am interested in American history. I think Mrs. Susan Lucci shares a personal view to the key events of the XX century which took place in the United States of America. Truly a best-seller!