Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dre loses two very important people in his life!

It's been talked about quite a bit but confirmation has finally been received. YaYa DaCosta will be leaving the role of Cassandra Foster on August 25. As previously reported, YaYa has been cast in the off-Broadway production of The First Breeze of Summer. At this time it is unclear if the role will be recast or if Cassandra will return to Paris.

Also slated to leave in the near future is Dre's father, Samuel Woods played by Mario Van Peebles. Mario returns to his recurring role on the FX hit drama Damages. The busy actor/director is constantly working in films as well. The role will most likely not be recast, we'll probably just see Sam leave to go on the campaign trail. But it doesn't help that his romance with Erica hasn't captivated viewers.

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