Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FLASHBACK - August 12, 1997

Eleven years ago today, TransGlobal Flight 149 from NYC to Pine Valley crashed into the cliffs above the Pine Valley ocean. What a horrific day!! Happy again, Maria went to NYC with Edmund and Brooke, who were working on a story together, with baby Maddie. Maria had finally found out that Maddie was truly Edmund's daughter and not the product of an ill advised one night stand between Maria and Edmund's brother Dimitri. She was looking for the perfect time to tell Edmund the great news. But the return trip was anything but idyllic. Maria and Brooke switched seats so Edmund and Brooke could finish up the story. The crash threw Brooke from the wreckage and the only other conscious person she found was a stranger named Jim Thomason. Together they pulled an unconscious Edmund from the wreckage then went about the task of looking for Maria and Maddie.

Brooke found them, but Maria was pinned under a seat and could not free herself. Both Brooke and Jim tried to pull Maria free to no avail. She urged Brooke to save Maddie, which she did. But then the rest of the aircraft that was teetering over the side of the cliff started to shift with Maria still pinned inside of it! Knowing the end was near Brooke held onto Maddie and tearfully watched as that part of the plane fell over the cliff with Maria still inside. Maria was presumed dead and never had the opportunity to tell Edmund that that Skye Chandler faked Maddie's DNA results.


wildwinder said...

I just remember how much I loved this story. Talk about edge of your seat!

Anonymous said...

I miss Maria and Edmund, What about everyone?

queenbee928 said...

What memories that brings back! How I cried during those scenes!