Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Following in His Father's Footsteps!!

Walt Willey's (Jack) real life son and lookalike, Chance will be making his AMC debut the week of September 1 as an extra in some scenes at the Bella launch party at ConFusion! He will appear in two shows.

What a cutie!


wildwinder said...

Doesn't Confusion card? He doesn't look old enough to be out of Junior High.

luvhairymuscle said...

I actually thought it was Jesse McCartney at first glance.

And Kathy - What's up w/them not showing "On the next All My Children" preview at the end. I really don't care what's going to happen in Llanview.

Kathy said...

A few people have mentioned that he looks like Jesse, but I think he's the spittin image of his daddy!

The previews for all the ABC shows were done away with a few months ago. They claimed at the time it was a cost saving thing, but that has proven to be a load of hooey. They still show previews for other soaps at the end! I guess they show one for AMC after GH or OLTL, which I guess means they are trying to lure viewers. Too bad, I don't watch those other shows and would rather see my AMC preview at the end of AMC!

luvhairymuscle said...

Thanks Kathy! How about a campaign of . . . "I WANT MY AMC previews!!!" :-)

Have a good holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

On the subtopic here ... I record AMC every day on my DVR. I know how many 30-second clicks it takes to get through each commercial break. The first half of the show is the same, and the half-hour break always takes 8.

The ones following that used to be 5 or 6. Since they have done away with the "On the next ..." they have also extended the commercials to 7 to 9. I believe we have lost about 2 minutes of programming and gained the same in advertising time. This highly disturbs me.

Personally, I would rather gain back the time and use a little old fashioned product placement instead.

Kathy said...

Interesting Sandie... that may actually explain the saving money aspect that ABC claims, in a round about way. While they didn't do away with creating the previews to save money, they make more money by adding more commercials.

Product placement doesn't really bother me either. I always find it funny though, that they have to give a credit at the end of the show to the Florida Orange Juice commission whenever they show orange juice on the show! lol