Saturday, August 30, 2008

Monday's AMC - Encore episode

If you're anything like me, you were on the edge of your seat on May 27 of this year when Jesse (Darnell Williams) leaped from the roof and made a death defying rescue of his true love Angie (Debbie Morgan). Proving evil does run in the family, Robert Gardner (David Rasche) had kidnapped Angie on her wedding day. It was Jesse to the rescue who not only saved Angie but was able to get Robert apprehended. Unfortunately Julia (Sydney Penny) lost her life at the hands of Robert and Tad (Michael E. Knight) almost lost his. Even long time friend, Greg Nelson (Laurence Lau) took a bullet that day. But justice and true love prevailed. Tune in on Monday, September 1 for an encore presentation of this exciting episode!


KyL416 said...

I wish would show more classic episodes from prior years instead of stuff only a few months old on holidays.

Kathy said...

I agree, I'd love to see older episodes on these days they show repeats. But this one sure was a nail biter! I cried all over again watching Julia die :(