Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of January 4!!!

It's AMC Anniversary week!!! Don't miss a minute on Monday and Tuesday as this milestone is celebrated by current and former residents of Pine Valley. Check this weeks spoilers for more info!!


Little Libby said...

If only Brooke was back for good. Too bad it's just for the 40th. Anniversary.

AMCHistory said...

Golly, Brooke still looks amazing.

Stephanie said...

Julia Barr does look good I think she is in her 60's I want to look that good wend I am that age.I see the Anniversary show yesterday she was hardly in it to bad they let her go.I like her character Brook.But All my Children is trying to get a younger audience so they hire younger actor actress now to bring in the ratings soaps is not like it use to be.