Friday, January 15, 2010

LA Mayor and City Council President to Appear on AMC!

LA is rolling out the red carpet for AMC and welcoming the show with open arms. On February 16, City Council President Eric Garcetti will appear on AMC as himself in scenes with David Canary's Adam Chandler. The two will be meeting to discuss steps they are taking to make Chandler Enterprises more environmentally friendly. And then on February 17, Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigos will appear as himself in scenes with Susan Lucci's Erica Kane at ConFusion bar in Pine Valley. The two know each other from charity events both had attended.


patgal said...

I am very disappointed that AMC is giving any air time to Antonio Villaraigosa (real name: Tony Villar.) As a long time AMC fan I am repulsed that you are giving this ego manic any attention. He is a man of low character - a serial cheater, a dishonest, self-serving politician who disregards the law and is so self-absorbed he doesn't have time to do any real work. A real blow for women that you are honoring a man of so little moral character who has no regard for women unless they can "be of service" to him. Whose horrible idea was this anyway? You are not off to a good start in LA, AMC when your first luminary is the "do nothing Mayor." Google his name and that phrase and read all about it as articles have been written about his lackluster performance. He is so disregarded here, that he dropped out of the governors race knowing he couldn't be elected dog catcher in a cat kennel. Bad, bad move AMC

Anonymous said...

I think having our mayor on AMC is a huge mistake. He has been a complete and utter failure (cover of LA Magazine had his photo & the word failure above). The only place where Villaraigosa could be successful would be if he pretended. I agree that the move shouldn't start with the mayor. He should attempt to actually help the city and not add an additional TV credit to his resume. He is a do nothing and now we know why, he's too busy trying to get himself on TV.