Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Headwriters Announced!!!

ABC has announced that Donna Swajeski (former head writer for AW and GL) and David Kreizman (former head writer for GL and current co-head writer of ATWT) will be taking over as Co-Head Writers for AMC. Together this team won a Daytime Emmy for Writing GL in 2007.

Both have a rich history in daytime. Donna began her daytime career working as an AMC program executive. From there she worked as headwriter for Another World and Guiding Light. She's also written for Port Charles and B&B.

David began working at Guiding Light in 1995 as an intern and quickly worked his way up the ranks. In 1997 he joined the writing team and was made Head Writer in 2004. He worked at GL until the show ended last year and then moved over to ATWT as Co-Head Writer.

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Jane said...

I would seriously like to know - is this a good thing? These folks seem to be writers for many shows which are no longer on the air ... I'd love to read comments and discussion. I'm uninformed and would like to know more.