Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael B. Jordan Cast on Friday Night Lights!!!!

Oh am I excited about this! FNL is one of my fave shows and they have just announced that Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie) has been cast as the bad boy of East Dillon High. According to EW's Ausiello Files, Jordan will be playing a junior at the high school and the team running back. If you watch the show, you know that the season ended with Coach Taylor leaving his job at Dillon High and going to work for rival, East Dillon. New episodes will begin airing in the Fall on Directv and then on NBC in January. In the meantime, you can catch Jordan on the new original series on The N Network, The Assistants, airing Friday nights at 8:30 pm.


sandman said...

The Suds Report: August 14, 2009

• Shocking industry buzz: Rumour has it that Thorsten Kaye (Zach) will decline to move to L.A. when All My Children permanently moves their production out west.

“ABC doesn’t want to lose Thorsten,” says a show insider. “In our eyes, Thorsten is the star of the show — not Susan Lucci [Erica]. We are doing everything to change Thorsten’s mind, but it sounds like he’s staying in New York permanently because of his family.”

However, it is expected that Kaye will be approached to join his real-life wife, Susan Haskell (Marty), on One Life to Live in either his original role as Patrick or as his brother, Ian Thornhart (which he played on Port Charles), if the popular actor does not change his mind. “Whatever happens, ABC wants Kaye on their network,” continues an industry insider.

Sadly, word is that Emmy winner Susan Lucci (Erica), who is reportedly still furious over ABC’s decision to move out west, is, as expected, planning to tell the AMC brass that she will not be moving to L.A., either! “Susan hasn’t told ABC yet,” the source continues. “Maybe she’ll change her mind but right now — her answer is no.”

A shocked network mole informs The Suds Report that ABC chief Brian Frons has a backup plan should La Lucci quit. “He won't recast Erica Kane, but he has his eye on two former superstar divas to come on to AMC in a new role to headline our show,” issues an insider.

Kathy said...

I've seen it, and truthfully I've never been much for posting or commenting on rumors. I think everything right now is pure speculation since they have until 9/8 to decide what they want to do. Will be interesting to see who stays and who goes. That said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if TK, Alicia, Susan, David Canary opt not to go.