Thursday, February 11, 2010

CASTING NEWS: New Little Adam Debuts Next Week!!!

Tate Berney, the new Little Adam, heretofore known as AJ, makes his AMC debut next week! Tate has previously been seen in episodes of Samatha Who? and Eleventh Hour.


mkuschne said...

why wasn't a 16 year old cast, they seem to age everyone

Anonymous said...

When Jesse McCartney played JR around 1998-99, he was 13-14, but the character was born in 1989.

Yes, kids grow fast on daytime soaps, and the parents end up looking like their siblings.

If 41 y/o Cady McClain was still on as Dixie, she would look younger than JR!

Anonymous said...

And, in anohter 5 years, AJ will be a teen character!

Some AMC characters grew super fast: Emily Ann, Charlie Brent, Joey/Jake. While Bianca seemed to take forever to hit 16!

Sonja said...

I'm just glad that maybe Miranda and AJ will now look closer to the same age, considering that they were born on the same day. They aged Miranda to about 7 or 8 pretty quick, whereas Little A (as he was called then) stayed fairly true to age until now. I noticed that when Miranda has come to visit, they don't put her side by side with Little A. One time, they did, and she was about 2 feet taller than he was. I realize Miranda isn't on the show right now, but you know she will be again at some point.

Also, I'm glad about the change to AJ. I mean, it's the not greatest name, but pretty much anything is better than Little A.

Anonymous said...

If they bring Jamie Martin back, at least Tad now looks old enough to be his dad! When Justin Bruenig left AMC he looked like Tad's brother. But then Tad was supposed to be early 20s when he hooked up with Brooke.

alstonpmaroon said...

I wish they would have aged him he could be involved in other storylines.
However, I am glad they recasted the role. It seemed that the old Little Adam barely talked---even though he is almost 6 years old????

I don't know if that was due to the writers or the actor's inability to memorize dialogue????