Friday, May 13, 2011

CASTING NEWS: Thorsten Kaye Returns!

As previously reported, Thorsten Kaye (Zach) expressed interest in returning before AMC ends in September.... September 23 being the final airdate, and it's going to happen!   No details or a first airdate have been released but the official word is that Zach will be returning this summer.  Cady McClain's (Dixie) return will be a bit sooner, with her first airdate being next week, May 17.


sonja said...

Too bad they invested so much time in the Kendall/Griffin pairing, eh?

I hope Dixie isn't alive. Ghost Dixie has made too many appearences for that to be believable, even on a soap.

Cathie said...

Maybe Ghost Dixie can come back with yet another color of hair too.. Okay, that's cold.
But, I'm one of those who hopes that Zach had rescued and hidden her again, the same place he's been since he was murdered. Yes, that's all stupid to say, but we all know the story will soon end, so anything can happen.
Heck, the "unabortion" can even come back.. of course, he'd no longer have a heart, but, what the heck?