Monday, May 23, 2011

FLASHBACK: Trevor and Laurel Wed

On May 23, 1995, Trevor Dillon married Laurel Banning.  After a brief marriage to Jackson Montgomery (in which he adopted Laurel's autistic daughter Lily), they divorced and Laurel wanted to make things right between her and the Dillon's after she was caught embezzling money from Trevor's wife Natalie's foundation.  It was Laurel who first discovered that Jane Cox was really Janet Green.  She became suspicious of Jane when she grew so attached to Trevor's children so soon after they started dating.   She looked into Jane's past and discovered she was Janet Green, Trevor's former sister in law.   But having gotten wise to Laurel's investigation, Janet cut the brakes on Laurel's car so she couldn't tell Trevor.  What Janet didn't know was Harold the dog, the dog she sent on a cross country journey, was back!  He stopped the wedding and at the hospital Laurel filled Jack in on her findings.  Jack was able to get to Trevor in time before he married Janet.  From there, Laurel and Trevor grew closer and closer and eventually wed.  Of course that wedding wasn't without incident!   Bitter and angry that Laurel foiled her plan to marry Trevor, Janet set a bomb in the church they were to be married in but when Janet saw that Amanda was in the church, she quickly ran in to disarm the bomb.  When running out of the church, Janet was struck by lightning and everyone thought she was dead.

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judyjj said...

Thanks, Kathy! What a great summary! Brings back memories and longings for those old storylines...two of my all-time favorite characters were Harold the dog and Bonkers the cat!