Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathalie Paulding!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Nathalie Paulding!   Nathalie played a young Bianca on AMC during the pivotal anorexia story and she has sure grown up beautiful!!


Cathie said...

Oh, she was so good in that roll!! Watching those shows was so tough, as a mother. In fact, she was so good that, when Eden first came on, I didn't care for her, didn't think she was Bianca.
(of course, I grew to believe that Eden IS Bianca).
Thanks for reminding us about her part in AMC history!

David said...

I read an interview about 10 years ago where Nathalie Paulding trashed Susan Lucci and her Emmy win. She said that the storyline focused on Bianca, and she should have received recognition for her portrayal, and Lucci didn't deserve all the credit for the storyline. It kinda ticked me off, so I don't like her, lol!