Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of May 8!!

Spoilers are now posted!  This week, Erica comes face to face with her captor and who she sees is a shock!!  Marissa comes to Bianca's defense, Madison finds out about Scott and Greenlee's deal from a rather unlikely source,  Jack, Caleb and Asher are caught in an explosion and Icky Ricky wants to get down/make love with Kendall.  EW!   Seriously, it's pretty amazing how they've made this hot guy so repulsive.



Anne said...

I hope they don't "kill off" the new baby either. That seems entirely cruel.

Little Libby said...

All this "love making" and "attempted love making" are EWW, yuck moments for me: Scott and Madison, David and Liza, The Rev and Kendall. I think I might throw-up.

Cathie said...

Exactly.. I was one of those who thought Kendall and Ricky had such chemistry. Of course, he's not really Rev. Ricky, he's a murdering sleaze.. ick ick ick!