Friday, July 15, 2011

CASTING NEWS: I've Been Waiting For This!

After Lorraine Broderick hinted in last weeks SOD that more surprise appearances were in store, I held my breath and waited.  Well I just exhaled!!!   SOD Online reports that Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Lee Meriweather (Ruth), David Canary (Adam) and Julia Barr (Brooke) will all be returning before AMC leaves the ABC airwaves on September 23!!!  (Actual airdates are not yet available).


Nathan said...

I was getting a tad worried but Adam returning one last time to chastise JR needed to happen. And it's always nice to see Ruth.

So, basically that's the old expected returning faces, right? My wishlist had Maria and Leo on it so Gillian, Dimitri and the Tyler family somehow is all I've been holding out hope for.

Jmac63 said...

Does anyone think that David might have Stuart put away somewhere as part of the project since David Canary is returning? I would love a Stuart/Adam/JR reunion!

Pam Fricker said...

Yes, Jmac63, I believe that Stuart will be one of those returning. His death was such a shock, but of course it had to happen with David Canary retiring.

Seeing Stuart, Adam, and JR together will be great. And imagine the reunion with Scott?