Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Kim Delaney Return?

Kim Delaney (ex-Jenny) has expressed interest in returning to AMC for a cameo before the show leaves the ABC airwaves.  And why not, she's done it before when she appeared to Tad as a ghost while he fought for his life after being injured in a tornado.  But hey, if she does make a return, let's keep her a ghost ok?  I know it would be nice to have Jenny and Greg (Laurance Lau) get a happy ending after all these years, but seriously, AMC is turning into Night of the Living All My Children what with Dr. David Von Haywardstein raising the dead left and right!  Kim has a conflict with her current show, Army Wives on Lifetime, but is said to be trying to work around it so it can happen. 


Nathan said...

Agree with you on this one, Kathy. It'd make no sense for David to be involved since he didn't journey to Pine Valley for years and years. It would be too much for him to carry out some vendetta against Tad and the Martins years before he met them. I'd be open for a dream sequence by Jesse or Angie where Jenny & Greg were happily married in Pine Valley.

Marie said...

I'd love to see Jenny return alive, not as a ghost. If they can kill of Dixie and bring her back two or three times, then they can do the same for Jenny. Heck, Jesse was dead, then came back alive and David had nothing to do with that one. haha. It's soap opera land, any explanation will do. haha.