Thursday, March 26, 2009

CASTING NEWS: Bianca is Coming Home... Again!!

Eden Riegal
is set to return as Bianca on April 24! After a disastrous aftermath to a beautiful wedding, Bianca took her kids and ran back to Paris. But with Reese on the mend and a new determination to win back the love of her life, might she actually succeed??


Little Libby said...

I really hope they get back together and that the rumors that Reese's only purpose is to destroy Zach (old rumor) are false.

Besides, doesn't (gasp) Grandma Erica need Bianca's daughters around her? LOL

Wanda said...

I love Eden, and finally they gave her the love of her life. The gorgeous, and talented Tamara Braun.
I'm anxious to see the two explosive and beautiful women together. I many things are resolved too.