Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Legend of Les

This week, Erica Kane confronted Police Chief Jesse Hubbard with a scar from his past when she compared David Hayward's actions to that of Les Baxter.

Les was Angie Hubbard's disapproving father, who could not look past Jesse's questionable street credentials to see that he made his daughter truly happy. Les was famous for his short fuse. An argument between Les and Frank Grant over Jesse got so heated that Frank suffered a fatal stroke.

I guess it is to no surprise that the Hubbard's named their son after Frank and not Les.

His most egregious offense was manipulating a vulnerable Angie into signing away her parental rights to her newborn son, Frankie. Eventually it was revealed that Les was "Mr. Big," a crime-lord responsible for a baby selling ring. Rookie police officer Jesse confronted Les in a sting, that left Les dead and his marriage in shambles.

Antonio Fargas portrayed the role of Les on a recurring basis from 1983-87.

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