Monday, March 16, 2009

The Many Faces of Scott Chandler

This April Adam Mayfield takes over the role of legacy character Scott Parker Chandler. Scott's life has had as many twists and turns as he has recasts. Here is a look back into the life of one of Pine Valley's most troubled tikes:

The late Phillip Amelio (l.) was the first Scotty. His onscreen mother, Ellen Wheeler (r.), would go on to become Executive Producer of Guiding Light.

Phillip Amelio (1987-89): Little Scotty Parker's life was turned upside down when after the death of his father, Fred Parker, from complications from AIDS. Fred was a intravenous drug user. News of his death stirred Pine Valley because one of Fred's friends and fellow addicts was Mark Dalton, Erica Kane's brother. Scotty faced an uncertain future when his mother, Cindy Parker, was diagnosed with the virus as well.
While at the children's center at Pine Valley Hospital, Scotty befriended volunteer Stuart Chandler. Stuart and Cindy fell in love despite criticisms from the community and Stuart's family. When the couple married, Scotty had a new father in Stuart and he formally took on the Chandler name. Their happiness would be short lived as Cindy too would succumb to complications from AIDS.

Shane McDermott (r.) went on to become a successful real estate agent. Brian Gaskill (l.) last starred as Guiding Light's Dylan Lewis.

Shane McDermott (1995-96): A teenage Scott faced growing pains in his early days of high school. Always being seen as the "good guy," Scott had a hard time getting girls. He fostered an unrequited crush on best friend Anita Santos, while she only had eyes for his childhood friend Bobby Warner.
Scott got a part time job at WRCW, where he realized his passion for the entertainment industry.

The cabin scenes lead to some funny off screen moments for Daniel Cosgrove and company. Cosgrove currently stars as Guiding Light's Bill Lewis, Dylan's little brother.

Daniel Cosgrove (1996-98): Scott's first relationship was with runaway Laura Kirk. Scott tutored Laura to help her catch up with the rest of her class. But Laura was haunted by demons of her own past and could not commit to a relationship.
Liza Colby, Scott's uncle Adam's latest wife and his boss at WRCW, became especially protective of Scott. Liza could see that the gold diggers were circling now that Scott was about to come into his trust fund. The two main culprits were down-and-out-princess Gillian Andrassy and unlucky-in-love Kelsey Jefferson. Liza sent Kelsey packing for Buffalo, and arranged for Gillian to fall in love with con-man Ryan Lavery.
When Lee Hawkins came to Pine Valley claiming vengeance on the Chandler for the supposed death of his wife in Pigeon Hallow, Scott was sent away to California to attend film school.

Even Forbes March (r.) had no idea that Rebecca Budig would go on to achieve super couple status with storyline spoiler Leo duPres.

Forbes March (1999-2000): Scott did a lot of growing up in California. Namely, he lost his virginity to Pine Valley debutant Greenlee Smythe. Scott wanted to pursue a relationship with the virginal Becca Tyree, but Greenlee smeared his good name by showing her a tape of them having sex.
Scott tried to sabotage Becca's blooming romance with Leo duPres by setting up a website called "" where people could place bets on when Becca was going to loose her virginity. He put the site in Leo's name. Greenlee and Leo partnered to keep Becca and Scott apart, eventually falling in love themselves.
Scott was admitted to NYU's film school, and decided it was time to start his life anew, away from the lies and schemes of his hometown.

March went on to star as One Life to Live's Nash until 2008. He made it known after being written out that he was open to a return to All My Children.

If this is life in Pine Valley, is Scott sure he's ready to come home?
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