Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 15!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted and the action never slows down in Pine Valley. One non couple has sex. JR shows Amanda the curb. David is getting antsy. Zach is down and out. And Annie starts to face her demons.


meandhim said...

I just love how the story lines are twisting and turning. The writers are doing a fabulous job. And the actors are compelling in their rolls. Kudos to them all for getting AMC back on track. This is truly a contemporary soap.

Little Libby said...

I thought Charles Pratt was going to "shake things up" and "right" the sinking ship. In my opinion, the AMC ship has run aground!

How many "baby daddy" pregnancies do we have to endure? And, Kathy, I'm with you: sympathy sex, again?

Please, Mr. Pratt and the rest of you: write some new story lines!
We already know the dialogue of your stories already.

Stephanie said...

All My Children need to be cancelled wend they killed Trevor and let go Janet played by Robin Mattson and Brooke played by julia Barr. I stop watching.Boring soap opera I am not a fan anymore.