Monday, March 16, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Liza Colby Returns, recast!!!

Actress Jamie Lunar has been recast as Liza Colby, TV Guide reports. With many credits to her name, most probably remember her as Lexi from Melrose Place. She is set to appear sometime in late April or early May and will return to Pine Valley with a new profession, lawyer, and reclaim her daughter Colby. Where has Liza been all this time? Well we'll find out and we'll also find out that she's secretly working for someone in Pine Valley! The role was previously played by soap legend Marcy Walker from 1981 -1984, and again from 1995-2004.


Little Libby said...

Don't you think she looks a little too young to be Colby's Mom?

Like the idea of her return, but I'm still waiting for Brooke.

Please bring back Brooke - a real actress.

STACI said...

Wow. I still think of her as Cindy from Just the Ten of Us. Now she's going to be Liza. That's going to take some getting used to.

Christiane said...

I loved Marcy as Liza but I absoluteley LOVE that Jamie Luner will be the new Liza! I might actually start watching AMC again! Loved her on Savannah!!!

Kathy said...

LOL Staci! I almost posted in the item that I remember her best from Just the Ten of Us but didn't think anyone else would remember that show! She is a bit younger than Marcy and therefore, a bit younger than Tad. Which will be strange, because we all know that Liza, Tad, Jesse and Angie went to high school together.

The Colby thing... well since Colby is really supposed to be what, about 8 years old? I don't think she's too young for that. lol