Monday, March 9, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

TVGuide Canada's Nelson Branco posted a wishful casting blurb that I think we can all get behind:
Courting the Cortlandts
Like the rest of the country, AMC’s Cortlandts are dealing with financial woes. This week, Pine Valley’s former first family learn they’re completely broke. With Opal receiving increasing screen time, and her son, Petey, stealing the hearts of fans, now would be the perfect time to re-introduce Bobby Warner, played most memorably by the very chill Brian Gaskill (ex-Dylan, GL; ex-Rafe, Port Charles; ex-Oscar, B&B). Since Gaskill is in between gigs, now would be the perfect time to add a thirty-something hunk to the canvas and cement the Cortlandts as renewable resource. It wouldn’t hurt to give Pete a male role model, because as we all know, Adam Chandler isn’t going to win stand-in father of the year anytime soon.

Gaskill had this to say about Branco's Op-Ed:
"Yeah, that was a nice when I saw that [the casting couch]... who knows? I am always open to a return."
Let's hope the writers get a hint and bring more Cortlandts home. Dobermans and all.


Mary said...

I would love to see Brian Gaskill return as Bobbie; as long as he has an edge to him and some mystery behind him

AMCHistory said...

Brian told the PVB that he wants back in. The ball is in ABC's court. As far as I remember, Frons really liked Gaskill during his run as Rafe on Port Charles