Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FLASHBACK: April, 1972

We here at the PVB, love to take trips down memory lane. So today we celebrate the 37th wedding anniversary of Joe and Ruth Martin!

Widower Dr. Joe Martin and Nurse Ruth Brent worked side by side at Pine Valley Hospital. But since Ruth was married, Joe could only be her friend and kept his growing love for her a secret. Still they grew ever closer as Ruth confided in Joe how her marriage was falling apart. And then when Joe's daughter Tara began dating Ruth's son, Phil, they had even more to talk about and listen to each other about.

Tragically, Ruth's husband Ted was killed in a car accident. It paved the way for Joe but ever the gentleman, he was there for her when she needed him. And I don't mean in a grief sex kind of way! Back in 1972, that particular act wasn't all that common. But as time went on, they grew closer and closer and before long they were the couple to go to if you needed advice, comfort, or friendship.

Everyone in town knew that someday they would marry and in April, 1972, in the Martin living room, around friends and family, they finally said their "I Do's." Joe's mother Kate welcomed Ruth into their home and family with open arms.

As the years went by, Joe and Ruth became a mainstay in Pine Valley society and as the stalwart couple that everyone respected. They have had their ups and downs, don't get me wrong. But love has always prevailed for these two and they remain the longest married couple in Pine Valley.

Today, they still live in Pine Valley, still work at Pine Valley Hospital but with significantly less hours and still try to help their children with their problems, especially Tad and Jake. And those boys could use all the help they can get!

So Happy Anniversary Joe and Ruth!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great couple :) Happy Anniversary :)

John said...

And Jesse said only black couples stay together in Pine Valley. LOL

Cathie said...

Those were the days! This is when I couldn't wait for the next day's episode.