Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Really Did It??

This week Alexander Cambius Sr., declared "Some fool out there decided to take advantage of the lesson in pain i was teaching my son, and i was greatly insulted to be blamed for this ridiculous crime. Poison pancakes. This was the work of an amateurish clown. I vehemently disavow any involvement in the murder of Dixie Cooney Martin."

So apparently we're to take the word of a raving lunatic who killed a bunch of women to teach his defiant son a lesson. If that's the case then who really did try to kill Babe but instead killed Dixie? Remember, the intended victim was Babe so the person in question would be after her, not Dixie. Unless of course, the killer was Babe herself. Then she, knowing she had poisoned those pancakes, would happily talk her mother in law into taking the rather disgusting sounding breakfast for herself while Babe watches her choke to death. But no, I don't think Babe did it. But who did?

Was it Alexander all along and he's just lying to cover up for the fact that this death was not his finest hour? Or was it Adam? He couldn't stand Babe, and well he couldn't stand Dixie either. It was a win-win for him. But would Adam risk Babe or Dixie giving a few bites of the filthy flapjacks to Little Adam? Or what about JR? He's tried to kill Babe before, what was to stop him again? He said he loved Babe, but he's said that before too. But would he risk Little Adam taking a taste of the grotesque griddle cakes?

Let's move on to the Kane family. How about Erica? She hated Babe for stealing Miranda. Sure Bianca forgave her, but Erica, not so much. Besides that Babe was making Kendall's life miserable by her presence at FUSION. And then there is Kendall herself. It's a known fact that Alicia Minshew's (Kendall) favorite food is peanut butter. Was this a little nod, a little clue? Then again, perhaps it was Zach. He could have done it for his wife, or his sister in law. Or for no reason at all. Or what about Bianca? Sure she forgave Babe for stealing Miranda, on the surface anyway. Did she really? Plus she's already killed before. All these years of love and forgiveness and maturity could all have been a big facade. The show is right on the precipice of destroying Bianca completely so why not finish her off by making her the perpetrator of the hostile hotcakes?

Was it one of these people? Or someone else? Someone like David perhaps? David has no motive. He loved both Babe and Dixie, and would never put Little A in danger. Yet, he's almost completely been turned into a one dimensional baddie that he must be considered.

The possibilities of foolishness are endless! It could be someone I mentioned or someone else entirely. And while I am no Dixie fan, it's very clear that this plotline was one of the worst ever (and that's saying a lot considering the show that actually brought an abortion back to life!). So vote, and then leave your comments on the blog post (as opposed to the poll itself, more people can see your comment this way)

Who really tried to kill Babe, but ended up killing Dixie?

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Sonja said...

I don't care who did it. I didn't hate Dixie or anything. I wasn't happy that she died although not particularly sad. But bringing back this plot for the obvious reason of having a murder mystery for May sweeps is so contrived that I just don't care.

There are things I'm willing to accept for the sake of the show - like ocean shoreline in Pennsylvania, for instance - but this seems so... well, I've already said contrived, but that's what it is. We'll see how it plays out.

Cathie said...

Going to rant a little bit here.. if we can have an "unabortion" (Josh), why not just make it an "unmurder"? Let Tad wake up one morning and have Dixie there playing with Kate (not called Kathy). Then, the crazy dude wouldn't be lying.

Expecting to have this poll end up in a magazine interview now, too..

Michelle said...

Babe's twin did it. Notice all the "Bad Seed" references from last week's shows.