Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Hilarious Web Series!!!

This new web series on YouTube puts out there what a lot of fans are thinking! Recently in an interview with TV Guide, AMC Headwriter, Charles Pratt, Jr. blamed star Eden Riegel (Bianca) for the problems with the Reese/Bianca storyline. This is not sitting well with fans and one took it to a whole new level!!! Check out the hysterical AMC: Pratt Falls and sit in on a conversation between AMC EP Julie Hanan Carruthers and Mr. Pratt.

And next up... Pratt and Carruthers discuss some of the other problems with AMC. This is inspired!!!!


Donna said...

These are wonderful, Kathy, thanks so much for featuring them!!

jase said...

This is awesome. It's inspired me to do my own for OLTL.

Kathy said...

I third installment was posted today. Click the AMC: Pratt Falls link in the blog :)