Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

Soap Opera Digest offers this May-related spoiler: "A horrific murder will happen. The victim is one of the central characters, who is both most loved & hated". Let's play Pine Valley police -- let's hear who you think dies. (AMC Superposter)

Phyllis isn't losing her man without a fight on The Young and the Restless and DC has the blow-by-blow coverage in their new The Young and the Restless Daily Recap (
Daytime Confidential)

GHOFS has an all-new exclusive interview with the legendary Constance Towers, just in time for her return to General Hospital! (
General Hospital Online Fan Site)

Finally the man in the middle of all this speaks! Joshua Morrow talks all about the hot button issues and terrific storyline between Phyllis/Nick/Sharon. (
Michael Fairman Soaps)

The Serial Drama girls understand very little about General Hospital these days, but they can still sense that it is bad (
Serial Drama)

Crystal Chappell's performances carrying off this storyline have been nothing less than stunning. The heart that came from Gus could come full circle because Natalia will eventually mend that tattered ticker. (
Soap Opera Examiner)

The fight all of the Robin/Patrick/Scrubs fans have been waiting for...give your first impressions! (
The Scrubs Hub)

We Love Soaps takes a look at some recent examples of good and bad product placement on the soaps. (
We Love Soaps)

Is General Hospital in the upswing? Wubqueen thinks it might be! Monday's show was back to the drama. Tidbits, News and a Sarah Brown tweet! (

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Anonymous said...

OMG just what AMC needs a good murder mystery. My first thought is David...but that's to easy I think. I'll be anxious to see who it is. Maybe Annie?