Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soap Opera Mania Tour Canceled!!!

Citing the economic climate as the cause, the Soap Opera Mania Tour has been canceled, affective immediately. The writing was on the wall from the onset of this event. One of the first events, in my own hometown of Cleveland, was far too expensive for me to attend ($100 and only one AMC star in attendance). The event cost changed to $90, then soon after the event here, it dropped down to $79. Still fans must not have been attending in droves! Fans who have already purchased tickets will be issued a refund. Check the Soap Opera Mania website for more information.

There seems to be a big lack of understanding in what soap fans want, but Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, Florida (also canceled) fit the bill very well. Every year it got bigger and bigger, with more fans and more stars. Speaking for myself I can tell the organizers of such events that this fan likes the opportunity to see lots of her favorite stars from her favorite soap. I realize that not all fans are like, and only watch one soap so the opportunity to meet more stars from more shows is a plus for them. But that is why SSW was so great. Lots of stars from lots of soaps.

The idea to bring the stars to the fans instead of having all the fans converge in one place, Disney World, sounded good on paper. The reality didn't work. It's time to cut your losses and bring back SSW both in FL and CA!!!!


Cathie said...

I live in CA and would love to have a Super Soap Weekend at Disneyland. I never could afford the trip to FL, so was initially interested when this tour was announed. Kept looking for events in CA and none were ever listed. But, after checking the prices, I sort of lost interest anyway. Then, I saw an ad saying prices were lowered. I think that's when I realized that it probably wouldn't make it out here. Sadly, I was right.

Lois said...

I totally agree! I loved SSW at Disney World.