Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of April 27!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted!! And well, I just couldn't help myself as I ranted about the happenings in Pine Valley. So much to rant about including the return of the Satin Slayer, Adam's possible involvement in a promient PV death, Kendall and her unending neediness and much more! Opal is having more visions, Amanda's in love and Tad's on a mission!


Cathie said...

I've been very critical of the writing, but despite storylines I won't even watch, there were some good lines. I think my favorite was when Kendall spouted off to her mother that (she is 2 years old and) she deserves (all the) attention! I am also glad to see Erica acting (at least within 20 years of) her age. Susan is a very beautiful woman, but when her "girls" were bouncing around at Greenlee's memorial, I found myself screaming at the tv! This week, she took care of Adam, gave sage advice to Kendall and was almost nice to Reese!

Joan Morris said...

I have an insane theory about Dixie not being a Satin slayer victim. How's this: Dr. David has a drug that will render its victim dead-like. They will look dead, but he can revive them. He wanted to get Babe away from the Chandlers, so he poisoned her pancakes, planning to steal her body and revive her in his secret evil lab. Oops, Dixie ate the crepes of death instead. Dixie either died, or David just hid her away because he couldn't pass up the chance to stick it to the Martins. He was planning to do the same thing again, but then the tornado killed Babe for real. Maybe. I think he's got Greenlee hidden away, too. He was in the area and no one seems to know what he was up to. Insane? Yes, but not the crazies thing they've ever done, I'm sad to say (Josh, anyone?).

Little Libby said...

Love your commentary in the spoilers. Great!