Friday, August 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Melose with Colin!!

He may have survived an attempt at being aborted by his mother and had a mad scientist for an adopted father, but Colin Egglesfield made the role of Josh Madden someone I could root for. Despite being in a story that had zero plausibility, I found myself drawn to the character. OK, it helps that Colin is to die for gorgeous. But equally, he played the role of the walking talking fetus, as I liked to call him, with aplomb, never ever even hinting at how stupid even he must have thought it was to survive an abortion and be transplanted into another woman. He played it with grace, with palpable anguish and with an underlying anger that would eventually be his undoing.

But it didn't take long for
Colin to rebound after leaving AMC! As previously reported, he landed a role on one of the most anticipated shows this fall, the new Melrose Place!

plays the role of surfer dude/sous chef Auggie Kirkpatrick. Go with Colin behind the scenes of the making of Melrose Place! And let me just point out, Colin is as hot and funny as ever!!

The show premieres on Sept. 8 on the CW network at 9:00 pm EST.

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