Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vincent Irizarry Wins Daytime Emmy!!!

Vincent Irizarry (David) won the first award of the night and the first AMC award of the night for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Beautiful speech and nice shout out to his fan club! Go Vincent!!!! He shared the award in a tie with Jeff Branson (ex-Jonathan, now GL)


MissMelody said...

This was an absolutely deserved win! I'm so bummed Pine Valley wasn't represented more at the Daytime Emmy Awards!

macjock said...

Pine Valley was not better represented because AMC has become a train wreck. Those of us who watch(ed) GL for years have seen this before. AMC is on the same path for the same reason: illogical character behavior, even for a soap.

macjock said...

Well this is the 1st time I have ever commented here, but, mark my words: AMC is going down the same path that GL did about 8 years ago. I have watched both since the early 1970s (yes I am about Erica's age!). After being a loyal fan of the serial genre, I could no longer take the idiocy that became GL. Stories made no sense, new writers re-wrote family history, budget cuts were made until there were no sets, etc. I gave up on it 3 years ago, as did some of its biggest actors, whom Pine Valley and Llanview now enjoy. Now the same thing is happening in Pine Valley. People behaving irrationally, even by soap standards, focusing away from the core families, moronic scenes of nothing but pretty people spouting off drivel for dialogue, disappearing characters for no reason at all (Brooke, Reggie, Sean, Barbara, so many more, all of which had great screen presence), etc. Consider today's soap fan: most are younger than I, and therefore, are even less tolerant of shoddy writing and character behavior--not to mention shorter attention spans. The target audience of most soaps will have far less patience than we did, and tune out so much more quickly. There is just too much else on TV to capture our interests nowadays. Mark my words: Pine Valley will never see 2020 unless this all changes quickly!

Thanks for letting me vent.