Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who is More Out of Their Mind!?

Are the residents of Pine Valley drinking the funky Kool Aid? It seems like it when you have people who are generally sane acting like complete lunatics. I seriously think Oak Haven is going to run out of room if things keep up the way they are.

First we have Zach Slater and his lovely wife, Kendall Hart Slater. Zach
with his control issues and brilliant ideas, has decided that Kendall cannot go to jail. Instead he hired a Kendall look alike for loads and loads of money that he no longer has to serve Kendall's time for her while he tries to prove Annie is guilty of killing Stuart. Not proving Annie guilty isn't an option because that would mean that not only would Kendall have to live in a small room she never noticed in her own house, but the look alike would have to serve a minimum of 15 years.

Kendall's main beef here is that Zach is so busy trying to hide her and keep her safe that he has to do unsavory things like have dinner with Liza when she shows up unannounced. Kendall threw a 3 year old sized hissy when Liza went into the kitchen and Kendall popped out of hiding to taunt Zach with, "why are you having dinner with Liza and not me!?"
Oh.My.God. Are you serious Kendall?

But on the other hand, Kendall's didn't know about this plan and was actually drugged by Jesse and whisked away to said secret room at Casa Slater without her knowledge. Yes you heard me right. Jesse! Chief of Police Jesse, the most upstanding and honest cop ever right? WRONG. Not only is Jesse aiding and abetting Kendall, but he also covered up a murder that he thought Randi committed. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse... how the mighty have fallen!

That brings us to Randi. She bonked scuzzball DA Henry North over the head with a bookend when it was clear he wasn't going to take no
for an answer. She ran out but soon realized she was missing an earring so she went back to retrieve it so nothing could place her at the scene. At that point she wasn't really sure she killed North. What she didn't know was that his creepy, yet strangely intriguing wife Madison had gone into the room to finish him off. So when Randi came back, she found Henry dead. Jesse showed up, covered up the whole thing after Randi told him she was pregnant and then was supposed to just live with the idea she murdered someone.

And then there's Madison North. The jealous, jilted widow of the DA. She's got issues galore! Far too many to delve into but I think I've mentioned before that as someone who has committed murder, she should probably be keeping a lower profile. Yet she taunts Jesse, she taunts Randi, and she taunts Frankie any chance she can get. She seems to think she's untouchable but that is never ever the case. Somehow, somewhere this Stepford wife is going to to mess up. Her own arrogance will be her undoing.

As if that isn't bad enough, Randi then finds a baby, Amanda's
baby to be exact, abandoned on the steps of a church and she believes he is her key to redemption so she decides to keep him! Just how did Baby Trevor get on those steps? Well let me tell you, Opal thought that Jake and Amanda's plan to "adopt" Trevor was not a good one and instead convinced them that finding the baby would be the way to go. Social Services be damned, finders keepers losers weepers. Amanda would just get to keep the found baby. Problem is, Randi found him instead.

What else... Adam is going to marry Annie. JR and Scott both kissed Annie. JR wanted to prove she didn't really love Adam and Scott is just looking for some nookie anywhere he can get it. Liza thinks she has a shot at Zach. Marissa has the audacity to be pissed that JR didn't put her above his son when David offered to leave Little A alone if he leaves Marissa alone. All this and only Marian is in Oak Haven??? What is wrong with this picture?


Little Libby said...

After having a very unpleasant day, your post made me smile, laugh, chuckle - you name it!

Yep, Oak Haven really should be crowded. :)

KyL416 said...

Not to mention, usually hospitals do DNA tests on abandoned babies. David Hayward's DNA is definitely in the database, and if Amanda's DNA isn't in it, Janet from another Planet's is and they can make the link from there.

olderfan said...

The storylines on AMC have become ludicrous. I loved your post. Do the writers really think their fans are stupid enough to keep watching this stuff???

Peaceole said...

I so LOVED this post. Everything is so very true! And somewhere along the way Ryan is helping run Fusion? One of Erica's possible Business ventures said that Ryan's business reputation was good?? Hello like since when?