Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frons Speaks Out About the end of Guiding Light!

I can't decide what is the most appalling about this Wall Street Journal interview with Mr. Brian Scott Frons, President of Disney/ABC Daytime. I have to say his cavalier attitude about the end of a daytime institution is pretty damn appalling. Mr. Frons is just so out of touch with soap fans that reading his words gives me a headache. One thing is for sure, he has certainly not endeared himself to the legions of Guiding Light fans who are devastated by the end of their show. (Guiding Light filmed it's final show on Friday, August 14 to air September 18).

Yeah yeah, I understand soaps are a business. I understand when a part of that business is failing and for as long as GL has been, something has to be done. In this case, cutting it loose. What I'm talking about here is that soaps have been this mans bread and butter for many many years. How about some respect for the people who keep you employed! I can only imagine, if his words were being said about my beloved AMC how I would feel.

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Donna said...

I agree with you, Kathy, I don't think he has any respect for the genre. And he may very well be saying something like that about AMC in the next year or two if they can't turn things around. The show is as bad as I've ever seen it right now.