Thursday, September 23, 2010

CASTING NEWS: Cosgrove in!

Hot off his stint at ATWT, Daniel Cosgrove returns to AMC as Scott, replacing the departing Adam Mayfield.  No specific airdate is yet available, but he is set to begin airing in December.  Daniel previously played Scott from 1996 - 1998. 


Joseph said...

Well, I think this is good news. Cosgrove is familiar to us and did a fine job as Scott. Of course, this makes the departure of Adam Mayfield all the more indicative of an obvious desire to bring Cosgrove back. The problems with Scott's character were not in Mayfield's portrayal, but rather the redundant writing. I wish Mr. Mayfield much success if future jobs. That said, I think Cosgrove will be a good match for "Annie" and it should rejuvenate the character. Now, I'm curious to see what becomes of "Marissa." Thanks for your continued reporting, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Rejuvenate? he's like 40, he's gonna be hated by JR/Annie fans. This should be fun. I think ultimately this means Scott/Annie union is done, b/c he's the same boring actor/character he was in 1998. Maybe they'll move him towards Greenlee since she is the lonely widow.

David said...

Well Scott should be older than JR anyway. I, for one, am EXCITED about this news. So what if he wasn't on the show very long before? He's still a familiar face, an he was my favorite Scott, so I think he REALLY WILL rejuvenate some storylines.

brian said...

Im excited that cosgrove is back has scott has well. cosgrove and march were my favorite scotts!

Little Libby said...

I don't think an actor can rejuvenate a character unless the writers find some way to write a good storyline for "said" actor or actress. Bringing in a "new" (old) Scott isn't the answer. Maybe TPTB should try again with "new" writers. That's just my opinion.

Brian said...

I have to agree with Little Libby. It doesn't matter on the actor if TPTB can't give Scott a fitting storyline.

Anonymous said...

He was the best Scott, after Shane McDermott. ONe actor was Canadian, said 'a-boot' alot.

BTW, in soap age, Scott would be like 35? So?

johnvalb said...

HELLO??? Who is going to play Marissa-- any ideas??
Scott is being written off the show for 2 months to explain the exit of Adam Mayfield and then the start of recast Daniel Cosgrove. Adam is exiting the role - last to be seen on Oct 15 & DC will take over airing mid December.
When will news break of Marissa's recast?? At this point I assume Marissa will be written out as well- and then once the recast starts she will come back to town.
The are saying Marissa will be recast! The show did make that statement- as well as saying they were close to sealing the deal with the actress who will take over the role....... that was weeks ago! AND STILL NO NEWS. All we know is the actress is known- not a newcomer & the network did make a statement that ALexa H was NOT taking over the role.

Soap Names Like:
~ Erin Torpey, ex OLTL
~ Erin Hershey, ex PC
~ Heidi Mueller, ex Passions
~ Mandy Brouno, ex GL
~ Natalia Livingston, ex GH
~ Jenn Landon, ex ATWT
~ Martha Madison, ex DAYS
~ Alicia Leigh Willis, ex GH
~ Liza Huber, ex Passions
~ Vail Bloom, ex Y&R
~ Crystal Hunt, ex OLTL

are all being tossed around on various sites as possible replacements!
BUT WHEN WILL NEWS BREAK???? Come on- if they were soooo close to a deal then why hasnt it hit the press yet? Whats the delay

Lisa Hellen said...

I'm just happy they are FINALLY getting rid of the current actor playing 'Scott', they guy IMO is horrible!