Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Maximillian Alexander!!

Happy Birthday Maximillian Alexander!!  AMC's former Carlos celebrates his 34th birthday today.  Ahh the Reyes brothers... Carlos and Juan Pablo.   Has there ever been two bigger character failures in AMC history?  


Joseph said...

In a history of character failures, I think these two are the winners (or losers, as it were). Nothing ever clicked with those two characters. You're right, Kathy. The only other character I can thinl of that was such a dismal failure was "Becca." Or perhaps "Katie Kennicott." But, never a pair!

David said...

Their English was so bad. NIce eye candy, but just bad, lol! Remember, these characters were introduced the same time we had to deal with Joni, Laurie, awful JR (portrayed by Andrew Ridings) and okay Jamie (portrayed by Micah Alberti). I just remember how many popular characters AMC had lost in that year, including Leo, Hayley, Mateo, Vanessa, etc.

AMC seems to go in ups and downs with their cast. 1999-2001 was a great cast as was 2004-2006. But I think the show struggled 2002-2003, and 2007-2009 with so many fan favorites being let go. Remember when we had Hayley, Mateo, Dixie, David, Stuart, Adam, Alex/Anna, Dimitri, Maria, Edmund, and orginial Liza in the same cast? Those were the days. Today's cast isn't horrible, but I feel that the characters don't share as much connection as other casts have in the past.