Sunday, September 12, 2010

Performer of the Week

I know I don't do this as often I used to anymore but it can't be denied that Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK.  From the shock of David's death, to her incredibly moving talk to him while he lay dead at the Yacht Club, to her attempts to protect Ryan, to her talking to David in the morgue, to the flashbacks of her relationship with him, to his haunting her mind.  Through it all, Rebecca's been heartbreaking as she revealed Greenlee heartbreak to us.  Bravo!


Jane said...

Hey Kathy! I totally agree with you on Rebecca Budig's work this week. I also enjoyed Greenlee's sweet, honest talk with Marissa. That scene was precious. I hope to see more of the two of those actresses together. There's some real potential in that pairing!

Kathy said...

Yes Jane! I loved that scene. It was about the first time I didn't fall asleep watching Marissa ha.