Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Matthew Cowles!!!

Another belated birthday wish goes out to Matthew Cowles!!  Matthew celebrated his 66th birthday on September 28!!!  Matthew has been married to another former AMCer, Christine Baranski (ex-Jewel) for 27 years.  As Billy Clyde Tuggle, Matthew may just be the most evil villain in Pine Valley history.  Who are your top 5 villains?  I'd have to say from five to one... Michael Cambias, Adam Chandler, David Hayward, Ray Gardner and Billy Clyde.  Off the top of my head. 


Jmac63 said...

My 5 TO 1 are:
#5 Dr. Madden
#4 David Heyward
#3 Michael Cambias
#2 Billy Clyde
#1 Ray Gardner

I don't really consider Adam as a true villain.

Voltage said...

My top 3 villans are:

#1 Billy Clyde
Matthew Cowles played him so well from the ridiculous to the downright scary

#2 Ray Gardner

#3 Zach Grayson
Anyone remember AMC's first go around with the name Zach? Played by Robert LuPone (Patti's brother), he was a slithering reptile of a con man who blackmailed almost all of PV. Robert LuPone was nominated for a daytime Emmy as supporting actor for this role in 1985. One of the better whodunit storylines. Daisy was originally convicted of the murder, but then it was discovered that Marion Colby actually killed him (she claimed self-defense).