Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of September 27!!!

Spoilers up!  This week Chandler vs. Cortlandt goes into overdrive!!   Asher's identity is revealed (and many of us already guessed it... come on AMC, don't make it so easy!), Marissa takes JR to court, Natalia and Brot finally make a date and more!!


Little Libby said...

I guess I've lost my Chandler/Cortland memory, but could someone tell me how Caleb is Palmer's nephew?

Also, I thought that Asher was going to be Adam's son, not Caleb's. If he's Caleb's son, perhaps he (Caleb) was told his son died in a fire. Just guessing.

sandman said...

I gotta say that I think that Maddison killed David.

And whats up with these long lost unknown children showing up all the time on AMC enough this is a old and tired cliche with this show already

Joseph said...

I am glad, however, to see Brot get some more airtime. I've grown to like the character. I think his scenes with Angie last week were quite well played. J.R. Martinez really is an inspiration. I came across a video of him accepting an award recently while I was doing research for my blog. He's just so gracious and humble. He has the absolute best attitude.

Steve said...

When Nina came back for Palmers funeral she mentioned to Daisy that Palmer had told her about his invention. BRING BACK NINA DAMN IT!!Let her take control of the company. Bring back Skye so they both can battle it out.

Anonymous said...

You srsly think the new viewers would give a rat's you know what about Nina vs Skye?

They are going good w/ this SL, I thought Asher was Miguel, but having him be Caleb's kid, JR holding that for leverage, w/ the kid wanting to get payback, it's a great soap twist. Fuels the feud w/ Caleb vs JR when that kid ultimately fools daddy and sides w/ JR.

All we need is Scott switching to Team Caleb and this SL becomes a must watch novel. Adam's son taking control of the situation and manning the house, falling at odds w/ his cousin Scott who will be pushed out of the family legacy by JR, that's a soap tale right there.