Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daytime Emmy Nominations - UPDATED!!!

This years Emmy host is actress Vanessa Williams. AMC is leading the pack with 19 nominations total! For the full list of nominations, click here.

Outstanding Drama Series
All My Children
The Bold and The Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

Oustanding Lead Actor

Thorsten Kaye - Zach, (AMC)
Peter Reckell
- Bo, (Days)
Anthony Geary
- Luke, (GH)
Daniel Cosgrove
as Bill, (GL)
Christian LeBlanc
as Michael, (Y&R)

Outstanding Lead Actress

Debbi Morgan - Angie, (AMC)
Maura West
- Carly, (ATWT)
Susan Flannery
- Stephanie, (B&B)
Susan Haskell
as Marty, (OLTL)
Jeanne Cooper
as Katherine, (Y&R)

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Vincent Irizarry - David, (AMC)
Jacob Young
- JR, (AMC)
Van Hansis
- Luke, (ATWT)
Bradford Anderson
- Damien, (GH)
Jeff Branson
- Shayne, (GL)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Melissa Claire Egan - Annie, (AMC)
Alicia Minshew
- Kendall, (AMC)
Julie Pinson
- Janet, (ATWT)
Tamara Braun
- Ava, (Days)
Bree Williamson
- Jessica, (OLTL)

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

Meredith Hagner - Liberty (ATWT)
Rachel Melvin - Chelsea (Days)
Kirsten Storms - Maxie (GH)
Julie Berman - Lulu (GH)
Emily O'Brien - Jana (Y&R)

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Cornelius Smith, Jr - Frankie (AMC)
Darin Brooks - Max (Days)
Blake Berris - Nick (Days)
EJ Bonilla - Rafe (GL)
Bryton McClure - Devon (Y&R)

And in a one of the newer categories, Eden Riegel's (Bianca) web series Imaginary Bitches was nominated for New Approaches - Daytime!


Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Jesse for lead? Makes me mad

Lisa Hellen said...

I don't understand how Kendall is a "supporting" character, she is on every day for years now and stories revolve around her.

Little Libby said...

It's great to see some actors from AMC nominated but, realistically, does anyone from our soap have a chance to wind? David and JR will cancel each other out and isn't it ironic that Jeff (ex-Ryan's brother) is also nominated for Guiding Light? Annie and Kendall will cancel each other out and so there we go. I hate to be so pessimistic, but when Levin didn't win years ago, I gave up any hope that these awards are actually based on acting skills. Sorry, not getting real excited about these nominees.

Kathy said...

I'm with you Thom, I would have loved to see Darnell get a nomination!

Lisa, Alicia had to put herself in that category, but I'm not sure why she does. She's definitely lead.

Libby, I love that AMC got some many nominations (19 in all!) but I agree with you that they will be hard pressed to win many of them. I think the biggest joke is Outstanding Show, seriously? 2008 was outstanding?

Little Libby said...

If AMC is nominated for "Outstanding Show", then, the entire soap world is in trouble. I completely agree with you. In2008 it could have easily won "Worse Show." I never give up on it, but this last year has really put me to the test. Pratt has sent this show into an unbelievably downward spiral. Oh, my!