Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FLASHBACK - May, 1980

As the years in their marriage went by, the very distinguished gentlemen, Dr. Charles Tyler, was growing increasingly more annoyed with his wife, socialite Phoebe Tyler's meddling in other people's lives. At times it was so troubling for Charles that he would seek refuge in his office at the hospital where he served as Chief of Staff. He seeked out the calming and soothing affects that his secretary of many years, Mona Kane, provided him.

Charles had secretly fallen in love with Mona but because of his loyalty to Phoebe, he remained quiet about it. What he didn't know was that Mona had secretly fallen in love with him as well. Eventually when Phoebe's ways were too much for Charles, he told Mona how he felt about her and was thrilled to find the feeling mutual. Charles and Phoebe divorced, paving the way for Charles and Mona to walk down the aisle on May 1, 1980.

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