Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate Collins!!!!

Maybe I'm alone in this but I would love to see Amanda go visit her mother, Janet from Another Planet, while she's in a family way, carrying none other than Dr. Evil's child! Janet would stop at nothing to get out of wherever she is (where is she anyway? Annie didn't run into her at Oak Haven, so maybe she's in that prison for the criminally insane where Daddy Cambias is?) and teach David that you don't mess with her Amanda! Oh yes. Where is that storyline? Ahh well, instead we'll just have to wish Kate Collins a very happy 51st birthday.


Little Libby said...

I totally agree that we need a visit from Janet - she's been "gone" too long!

Peaceole said...

I agree Janet from another planet needs to come back.

Cathie said...

Maybe that's how they will write off Amanda's character.. some sort of involvement with her mom.. positive or negative..