Sunday, May 10, 2009

Help the PVB Send Birthday Wishes to Mary Fickett!!

On May 23, Mary Fickett (ex-Ruth) will be celebrating her 81st birthday. Now bedridden and living in the home of her daughter, Mary still loves to talk about her days on AMC and loves to hear from her fans. I would like to collect as many cards, letters and memories to send to Mary for her special day. You can email me privately your message or if you would like to send a card, email me ( and I will send you my address. I will then forward all the messages and cards to Mary herself. Let's make this a special birthday for her!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Mary, you've given us all many many happy moments while you were on on Pine Valley. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.
Nancy from NY

Holly said...

A very Happy Birthday Mary. May you get the wish and the happiness you deserve. I miss seeing you on AMC. There was only one Ruth Martin and that was you. Have a very blessed day!

Holly from Georgia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary. I wish you all the best. You were the bomb on AMC. Aloha my friend :)