Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Fickett!!!!

Mary Fickett
, our original Ruth Martin, celebrates her 82nd birthday today. Thanks to all who have sent greetings!


Cathie said...

I know a lot of viewers today don't remember the early days, when Mary Fickett's Ruth was torn between the loyalty to her first husband and to her budding love for Joe Martin, Tara and Phil's tortured romance, etc., so all I can say is that you guys missed the show when it truly deserved to be #1!

Happy birthday to dear Mary. We miss her calming presence on the show we all love. I know we all hope that her special day IS truly special!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary :)

peanut said...

Happy Birthday Mary. I remember her calming presence, heck, I miss her,period
The show sure isn`t the same as it use to be.