Sunday, March 28, 2010

CASTING NEWS: Trevor Gets a Nanny!!

Starting this week, Sadie Stratton takes on the role of Jane, Trevor's new nanny. With Amanda on the fast track to modeling fame and Jake busy with his doctor duties, Trevor needs someone to watch him and that is where Jane comes in. Sadie has previously been seen in guest spots on 90210, The Middleman, Women's Murder Club as well as many more!


Little Libby said...

I don't remember reading anything about a nanny, but I commented on Sonny's board that I thought Amanda would need a nanny for her travels to Europe and here we are: The Nanny. Too funny. :)

Stephanie said...

Is she a good nanny or a bad nanny we will see.

Sandra said...

I hope she is not a nanny from h@ll.who thinks that Trevor is her baby.